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About Us

From a desire to use his skills to further enrich and better the lives of those around him, Aaron qualified as a Fitness Professional and has enjoyed working in the industry since 2016.

Aaron enjoys working with busy young professionals that are enthusiastic, motivated and driven to focus their aspirations and training, providing training that not only meets but exceeds their goals.

Having trained in a variety of disciplines such as Exercise to Music and Youth Coaching, as well as developing some of his own brands such as Revolution and ARC-7 Transformation Training, Aaron offers a truly tailored and unique experience to meet the needs of those he works with.

Aaron takes meticulous care in planning strategic regimes for clients, helping transform their bodies to be stronger and healthier, and building client confidence in their abilities, the results of which shine through to all aspects of his clients’ lives!

Tom Fletcher-Manuel
Tom Fletcher-Manuel
1:1 Client
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Aaron is a superb trainer. His spin classes are by far the best I've ever attended - dynamic, super high energy and brilliant fun. The time passes so quickly and you always get a hard workout without it feeling like a chore. He's also a very skilful and knowledgeable personal trainer who takes time to get to know his clients well beforehand, puts a huge amount of thought and care into one-on-one sessions and helps you to feel at ease so you can get results. Book a session now - you won't regret it!
David Baker
David Baker
1:1 Client
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I’ve been using Aaron as a PT for the past 7 weeks and during that short space of time I’ve been surprised by how quickly the results show. Aaron builds the sessions around your targets and during the session offers support and advice. The sessions are enjoyable and Aaron is approachable. Definitely recommended to help achieve your goal.
Tania Khan
Tania Khan
Class Participant
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His classes are really varied, HiT bootcamp - for weights/cardio fitness, kickboxing - great way to learn new skills (work out for your body and your brain) and stretch class which has made me realise how much I live with tight muscles and how much it restricts me if I don’t learn how to stretch properly and breathe deeply. ( great stress release too)


Personal Training

AG-RO fitness offers 1:1 Personal Training, or in groups of 1:2 or 1:3. Gain focus and clarity with your fitness goals through structured and bespoke training sessions. Designed to both educate and inspire, you will not only achieve the result you strive for but also understand the precise details of your training – with a little sweat, of course.

GP Referral

We can offer physical training for those that have received medical referrals from their GP or other healthcare practitioners. Let us work with you to promote and reap the benefits of using physical activity in managing and overcoming medical conditions. Please contact us for more information regarding this service.

Corporate Bookings

We offer the ability for corporate group training, ranging from quick lunchtime classes to sport specific training for clubs and teams. Group training is hugely energising, inspirational and most importantly, FUN! Fostering a spirit of camaraderie and community, working as a team to push onwards to your next milestone.

Fitness Classes

Check out our timetable of Fitness classes, from the ARC-7 Series to Women Only Pinkbelt Kickboxing, we’ve got something for everybody spread across the week. First Sessions are free so get in touch to book your space.

ARC-7 Courses

Look out for our 8, 10 or 12-week Bootcamp courses, led by expert trainers. These courses are designed to make you work hard while still having fun. Combining the effectiveness of personal training with the energy of group exercise enjoy seeing your abilities and capabilities increase with carefully progressed training sessions. These courses are traditionally conducted in the outdoor environment.

Further Information

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Use coupon code- AGROFREE – For your first session.

Arc-7 Transformation Training


What is it?

ARC-7 Transformation Training is AG-RO Fitness’ own brand of Fitness Classes and Bootcamp courses. Born from the philosophy of total fitness it stands for “Advanced Results and Conditioning” with the 7 being the principles of “Total Fitness” that the product upholds and builds with each of its classes/bootcamps – Cardio Capability, Muscular Strength and Endurance, Core Stability, Nutrition, Motor Skills, Mental and Emotional Fitness as well as Social Fitness.

What is on offer?

At present we have three live ARC-7 Classes: Blackout, Defuse and Storm. These are PAYG classes that can be booked by anyone, free first session by arrangement only.


High-intensity training Bootcamp style designed to get your heart rate up and calories shredded.


Defuse your midweek madness with stretching complexes, core training and relaxation to ensure your body is recovering efficiently from training and your mind reset.


Unleash your inner warrior with MMA fight sequencing, core training and Pad-work. Embrace the storm!



Dynamic group training meets advanced fat loss techniques with Quantum – Using a blend of innovative and traditional exercises with a multitude of training systems the Quantum course is your answer to fat loss. Contact us for more information on availability!

Revolution Indoor Cycling

Immersive fitness reimagined

Revolution is the world’s only Immersive group Cycling experience of its kind. Build Strength, Stamina and Endurance while losing yourself in a unique audio-visual experience that leaves you with an adrenaline rush like no other.

Revolution Indoor Cycling (Revolution) is developed by Aaron Gibson and boasts a unique audio-visual experience that will leave you speechless every time. Revolution can be hosted in any facility that has the capability for screens and audio connections in their group cycle studio. Please get in touch if you would like to arrange a demo.

Aeon, Whitecap and G-Force visuals kindly provided under license by SoundSpectrum Inc.

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